After two years being the best rated show in the Arrowverse, The Flash has finally met its biggest villain yet: Season 3.


At the end of Season 2, Barry Allen goes back in time to save his mom from being murdered by Reverse-Flash. This season picks up three months after, in a new timeline known as Flashpoint, where Barry grows up with both of his parents.  But with his parents alive, Barry doesn’t get to live with Joe and he never creates a connection with Iris. As Barry soon finds out, in this new timeline all of the friends he had are now strangers who don’t know him. Cisco, Wally, and Caitlin are all living separate lives from one another. Wally being the Kid Flash in town. For a moment, Barry believes that he will be able to bring his old team back together until he starts to lose his memories from the previous timeline. Alarmed by this, he decides to visit Reverse-Flash in a cell he keeps him in. Eobard Thawne mocks Barry for thinking he could mess with time and not pay the consequences. He reveals that as Barry spends more time in Flashpoint, he will start losing the person he was in the other timeline. The only way to fix things is to let him go and murder Nora Allen. Seeing no other option, Barry reluctantly goes with Thawne’s plan.  Once the timeline is restored, Thawne warns Barry that there will be ramifications to what he did and that he would soon be finding out.

The rest of the season is spent, more or less, trying to deal with the consequences of Flashpoint. As the season progresses, Barry finds out that there are things he changed. Joe and Iris don’t talk to each other. Cisco lost his brother and asked Barry to go back in time to save him but when he refused, he ruptured their friendship. Barry also learns that he gender-swapped Diggle’s baby Sarah to baby John. Moreover, Julian Albert is the new expert on meta-humans at the G.C.P.D and Caitlin develops her Killer Frost powers.

All of these changes to the timeline don’t really carry out throughout the whole season. Joe and Iris resolve their differences in the second episode of the season as well as Barry and Cisco. The only real consequences from Flashpoint that stick around for the season are Julian and Killer Frost. Well, that’s not entirely true. The main villain of the season is actually a product out of Flashpoint. Oh and the team replace Harry Wells from Earth-2 with a doppelganger from Earth-19 that goes to the name of H.R. At first, Savitar seemed to be one of the greatest villains the Flash team ever had to deal with, especially since we saw how he would murder Iris in the future. But as the season went on, he kept losing his appeal. This was even more prominent when it was revealed that the person behind the armor of Savitar was in fact a time-remnant of Barry Allen. Instead of being a powerful reveal, it fell flat. Just like the rest of the season.

Perhaps it was Barry’s constant breeding look that made this season so unbearable. The Flash is supposed to be a contrast to Arrow’s dark tone. It’s supposed to be light-hearted and fun. But when you take those two things out, you are left with a mercurial character that feels detached to the one you’ve grown so attached to.

Hopefully the writers have learned from their mistakes and are working to make season 4 the best one yet…





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