A few years after the city of Boston experienced one of the most tragic events in U.S. history, comes the film adaptation that no one really asked for in Patriots Day.

Patriots Day follows the story of officer Tommy Saunders, played by Mark Wahlberg, who finds himself – more or less – in charge of the security of the Boston Marathon. When two bombs go off, he scrambles to help as much people as he can. As different government agencies investigates the case, they recruit Saunders and his geographical knowledge of the streets of Boston to isolate the cameras where the bombers could be identified.

The film does a good job of illustrating the mayhem and chaos of the bombings, while also showing the hopeful and heroic features of humanity. It seamlessly incorporates real footage of the events in a very effective manner. The narrative doesn’t deviate much where it would feel like it was trying to be something it is not. It is a biographical movie that doesn’t waste much time with expositions and gets straight to the point.

Yes, Patriots Day has a lot going for it, but unfortunately I couldn’t help but feel that it was milking the tragic events of April 15, 2013. I have tried to pinpoint where exactly the movie starts making me feel this way but I just can’t seem to find a specific turning point. It could be that the narration comes from Wahlberg’s character or how graphic the movie is with the injured that make me feel like they’re disrespecting the people who were actually there. My feelings could also just simply come from the title. Patriots Day clearly demonstrates how the city of Boston united after the bombs, but its title doesn’t reflect the same.




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