The season finale of Bates Motel delivered a heart-wrenching episode with Norman and Romero dealing with the fallout from last week. And once again this show proves that it may well be the best underrated show on television. I mean if Freddie Highmore or Vera Farmiga don’t win an Emmy, I think we just might have to turn a little psycho with the television academy. [Enter nervous laugh here.]


While we might still be mad with Norman for killing off his mother, this episode did a great job in conveying the distorted reality that he lives in; that in a twisted kind of way actually makes sense. Who would ever want to let go of their own mother? Given, most of us wouldn’t resort to murder to fix her problems, but in his view, there was no other way.

“You’ve lost your mother, you understand this right?” asked the doctor as she released Norman from the hospital. But apparently he did not have enough time to consider that his mother is gone and that he is responsible. This is specially the case when Romero offers to take him home and Norman begins to blame him for his mother’s death. Heartbroken over Norma’s death, Romero sets out on a quest to prove that her psychotic son was responsible and that any evidence that points on to suicide are wrong.

Poor Norma, even after death she is still being used as an object of possession by Alex and Norman. Nevertheless, I found myself siding with Romero when he put back the ring on Norma’s finger. Knowing where this show is headed, I knew that it was going to be only a matter of time before Norman saw his mother with the ring. He gives it back to Romero at the funeral, where he can’t help but keep a smirk on his face that said “I won.” The smirk doesn’t last for very long because Romero knocks it out with a punch.

After the tense-filled scene at the funeral, Romero goes back to his office and loads up his gun. Determined to end the deranged life of (WHY DID YOU SAVE HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE?) Norman, he walks out of the sheriff’s department with a loaded gun. Unfortunately, he gets arrested by the D.E.A. before he can even reach Norman Bates.

Throughout the episode, Norman’s twisted mind begins to fabricate an illusion where his mother is only playing at being dead so that no one will be able to hurt her ever again. This has him looking for any kind of sign that would indicate that she is just faking it.His instability is such, that when he doesn’t seem to be getting any signs of life, he digs up her cadaver and takes it back home with him. It isn’t until Chick Hogan drops by unexpectedly and asks whether or not he understands that she is dead, that the reality of the situation begins to drown him.

When Norman is left alone with his mother again, he begins to plead to his dead mother’s corpse, only to have creepy blank eyes stare back at him, lifeless. Understanding what he has to do to be with his mother once again, Norman runs upstairs and loads up a gun. He puts it in his mouth, but just before he is about to pull the trigger, he begins to hear someone playing the piano. Norman then rushes downstairs to where the scenery has changed to a Christmas theme. Mother is playing the piano right next to the tree, and Norman joins her.

“I thought you left me,” says Norman.

“I never leave you, you know that,” she responds.

“We’re home, we’re finally together.”

“Yes honey, forever and ever…”



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