I’m guessing that by now everyone is feeling guilty for making fun of Daenerys every time she would reference all of her self-given titles. At least I know I am.

If there is anything tonight’s episode proved, is that she has earned every title through six seasons.

Over the years, Game of Thrones has become well-known for its dark  and tragic plot. But with this season, things have begun to change. Albeit, we still get some major blows to our fandom, but we also get long awaited reunions.


Reunited and it feels so good!

The episode begins with Sansa’s arrival to Castle Black, while Jon Snow is beginning to pack his things and go South. As Brienne, Pod, and Sansa make their way through the gates, Tormund Giantsbane can’t help but stare at Brienne the Beauty. This makes her quite uncomfortable and has her reach for the hilt of her sword. Disoriented by the amount of wildlings, Sansa begins to look around until her eyes lay on her half-brother.

After seeing what these two characters went through last season, it was a very emotional moment to see them embrace each other in their familiarity.

“Don’t you wish we could back to the day we left?” – Sansa Stark and all of the GoT fandom.

While the reunion was gratifying to see, I think that seeing Sansa so determined to take back Winterfell gave me more satisfaction. After everything she went through, it’s good to finally see her take control on her life. Unfortunately, she came at a time when Jon is not feeling up to the task to keep on fighting.

But not only did this episode reunite long-lost relatives, it also reunited two opposing forces from the War of the Five Kings. In a nonchalant way, Brienne acknowledges in front Sir Davos and Melisandre that she was the one who executed Stannis Baratheon. This will make for an interesting dynamic for the rest of the season. What could go wrong?

Peter Baelish, also known as Little Finger, makes a quick but imposing appearance on this episode. He manipulates the Lord of the Veil to send forces to Night’s Watch where he knows Sansa would be headed.

Over in Mereen, Tyrion seems to be putting himself in a precarious position. He invites the masters who he believes are funding the Son’s of the Harpy to negotiate terms on slavery. This does not please Missandei and Worm Tail, and it most definitely does not please the freed slaves of Mereen. When confronted by the people of Mereen, Tyrion relies on the influence on Worm Tail and Missandei to appease them. It seems as though he might be pulling a rubber band too hard, and it looks like it’s about to break.

It appears that Cersei Lannister and the Queen of Thorns will put their difference aside to confront the High Sparrow and take Queen Margery back.

Theon/Reek returns to the Iron Islands where his sister has taking over her father’s seat. She reprimands Theon for betraying her when she was rescuing him. Suspicious on the timely arrival of her brother, Yara demands he tell her what he wants. He advocates his support for her to rule the Iron Islands.

Meanwhile on Keeping up with the Boltons, Osha meets with Ramsay. Although her wildling seduction worked with Theon, she did not have the same luck this time. Perhaps because Theon confessed every single detail on his life to him while he was Reek. But being the disturbed person that he is, he drags their introduction until after he has had time to make out with her. Sadly, before Osha gets the opportunity to stab Ramsay in the neck, he beats her to it.

Back in Castle Black, Jon receives a letter from Ramsay where he informs him that his brother Rickon is a current resident of his dungeon. It takes Sansa to convince him that there is no other option but to fight the monster who has taken their brother and their home.

Daenerys Targeryan [enter titles here] proves once again why she is the Unburnt. While Daario and Jorah were thought to be the ones who would rescue her from the Dothraki, in the end it was Danny who saved herself and in doing so, she potentially brought in all of the Dothraki to her side. All she had to do was burn the Khals and walk out of a burning building to have everyone kneeling. Who run the world?




One thought on “Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 “Book of the Stranger” Review

  1. I particularly liked the contrast between Jon and Sansa’s reunion, and Theon and Yara reuniting. They were very different, but both had similar beats of the airing of grievances, apologies, and assertions of support.

    I always consider Theon a shadow analogue of Jon Snow, in some ways similar, in many ways the opposite based on choices, and seeing the shadowing reunion play out held my interest.

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