The latest episode of Game of Thrones kept the momentum going for the fan service established in the premiere of season six. However, the hall of faces claimed quite a few lives in this episode, with two others left in the queue line.


The episode picks up where we last left off, Jon Snow laying naked on the table trying to breathe life into his body with each subsequent breath. Sir Davos the Onion Knight is the first to be at his side, followed by Melisandre. His revival seems to have also regenerated Melisandre’s faith in the lord of light, and she doesn’t waste any time to make it known. Perhaps this is why Sir Davos asks for her to clear the room.

After a quick pep talk on the meaning of life, Jon Snow walks out with Sir Davos to embrace the fear and awe of his Night’s Watch. Tormund is the first to meet Jon in his messianic walk. “They think you’re some kind of God ,” he saysTo which Jon replies that he is not. “I know that, I saw your pecker. What kind of God will ever pecker that small?” Some giggles ensue between them, but Jon quickly dismissed him to embrace Eddison, a more familiar face.

Sam and Gilly are on their way to Horn Hill where he expects to leave her with his mother and sister. This doesn’t please Gilly, which leaves Tarly trying to explain his reasoning for having to do so. She ends up being more understanding than Sam thought, and even references him as the father of her child.

Bran continues his training with the old man in a tree, which gives us one of the best fighting scenes GoT has ever put together. Ned Stark and the Sword of the Morning face off under the Tower of Joy with Bran watching. As the events unfold, Bran realizes that what he had learned was wrong. His father wasn’t the one who technically defeated the Arthur Dayne. When the fight is over, we hear screams coming from the tower. Bran, and every other GoT fan wants to follow Ned Stark into the tower, but the old man only tease us that we will revisit the place at another time.

Daenerys finds herself in Vaes Dothrak, surrounded by all the widows of deceased khals. She tries to keep her posture, even when she is striped naked. The dosh khaleen question her as to why she didn’t join them after Khal Drogo died. She responds by giving them her full name, to which they pay no attention. For them she is just another widow.

Back in King’s Landing, Maester Qyburn reveals the little birds that Varys used to gain information. Cersei wants to further her dictatorship by knowing whenever a bad word is so much as whispered towards her. King Tommen put on his big boy pants and decided to confront the High Sparrow. This turns out into a learning lesson on Cersei’s motherly love towards Tommen. At this point I was expecting Tommen to start asking forgiveness for all of his sins.

No One continues her training with the abusive girl. She is beaten until she learns how to defend herself and until she is able to describe the life of Arya Stark.”If a girl is truly no one, she has nothing to fear,” Jaqen H’ghar offers as he gives No One water from the fountain of the Many-Faced God. No One responds by drinking and regains her eyes.

Ramsay Bolton receives a surprise visit from an Umber. They begin talking about loyalty and how no one in the whole seven kingdoms believes that Roose Bolton died poisoned. Just then, when it was beginning to look like an agreement would not be met, the Umber reveals that he has a gift for the new Warden of the North. Osha and Rickon have been betrayed by the Umbers, proving once again that the Starks shouldn’t trust anyone, ever. It is also revealed that Shaggydog is missing his head, leaving only three direwolves left.

Back in Castle Black, Jon prepares to execute the traitors who stabbed him last season. Most notably from these traitors were Olly and Alliser Thorne. After watching them breathe out their last breath, Jon walks out by saying that his watch has ended. *Mic drop*



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