Just after a few weeks since The Walking Dead received major backlash for leaving audience members high and dry with a promised death, Game of Thrones delivers one of the best comebacks in all of TV history.


The episode begins with a character who sat on the sidelines last season, Bran. His internship with the Three-eyed Raven has apparently payed off because we get our second flashback in this episode. We get to see young Benjen, Eddard, and Lyanna Stark at Winterfell, back when anything they had to worry about was dreaming about growing up. Hodor is also there, only his name is not actually Hodor, it’s Wyllace and he can talk. But just as things start getting intriguing,  the Raven snaps Bran out of his vision.

Back in Castle Black, Sir Davos is getting ready to defend Jon Snow’s body against the traitors who butchered him. Luckily, the wildlings have more loyalty to Jon than the Crows. There were only a few casualties for the Nights Watch, but unfortunately Olly was not one of them.

King’s Landing has what appears to be a new protector of the realm, or at least a new protector for Cersei. Robert Strong obliterates anyone who dares speak ill of the King’s mother. Even when blocked by her son’s army, Strong imposes his presence upon the squeamish army. Meanwhile, Jamie and the High Sparrow have a sparring with power. The clear winner seems to be Bernie Sanders as he walks away from the Sept with a smirk on his face.

I’m friends with your mother, I’m here to help. Don’t eat the help.” After a few reminders to the other three people in the room that he still has his male genitalia intact, Tyrion volunteers himself as tribute to free the dragons. Peter Dinklage once again proves his acting skills by encompassing such emotion and enthusiasm into the words of Tyrion who recalls the day everyone made fun of him for wanting a dragon.

Ramsay Bolton once again proves that Joffrey Baratheon has nothing on him. Not only does he murder his own father, he also unleashes his hounds on his mother-in-law and brother-in-law. I just hope that he goes in a more brutal fashion than Joffrey did.

Meanwhile, Sansa finally admits to Brienne that she should have gone with her the first time around. (YOU THINK?!) But Brienne, being the noble knight she is just subtly comforts her. Reek/Theon tells Sansa that he wont be following them to Castle Black, he will go back home. Now which home would that be? The Iron Islands or Winterfell?

It’s been a while since we last saw the Iron Islands, but apparently its hurricane season. Whenever you hear a sibling say “You’re in my way,” you better get off their way or you might end up like Balon Greyjoy thrown into his death by his brother Euron Greyjoy.

Do you know of any magic that could help him?” Sir Davos seems keen in protecting, and even resurrecting Jon Snow. So much so, that he is even willing to ask Melisandre to work some of her mojo on him. Although the reasons behind this burst of emotion towards Jon seems out of place, who am I to judge why someone is working in favor of bringing one of our beloved characters back? All I’m saying is that it seems as if instead of Sam being the trusted bff, its been the Onion Knight all along.

After some convincing, Melisandre agrees to try and work her magic on the naked body of Jon Snow. But as she keeps chanting her words, nothing seems to happen. The camera keeps zooming in on Jon’s unresponsive body. And then nothing. Melisandre stops speaking and leaves more broken than before. Everyone else is also disappointed by not getting some major hocus pocus and leave. It isn’t until you are beginning to question whether or not he will come back, that he opens his eyes and begins grasping for air. And just like that, we have our Jon back!




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