This is perhaps the movie most people have been waiting for their entire lives. A movie where the superheroes don’t go against a villain but each other? Count me in!


The first act revolved mostly on the debate among the Avengers on the Registration Act. Tony Stark made it clear that he was in favor of having anyone with special abilities to register with the government, while Steve Rogers took the opposing side. This debate helped to set up the tension between the Avengers that audiences were expecting from this movie. It was soon evident where everyone was standing regarding the Registration Act. For the most part, the first act maintained a solid structure, apart from a fight sequence against Crossbones that would have been great if not by the shaky cam that detracted from the action.

The entirety of the second Act revolved around Bucky. (For obvious reasons this was the best part of the movie because BUCKYYY!!!) The tension in this act continued to increase from one scene to the next. The relationship established by the other two Captain American movies pays off really well in this one. Everytime Cap and Bucky shared the screen I couldn’t help but want them to hug it out. This was also where the Black Panther makes his appearance. His costume looked pretty sleek, as well as his fighting technique. He truly resembled a panther on the prowl.

The third act is where the civil war truly happens. And although the airport scene and the introduction of Spider-Man were awesome, the anticlimactic ending leaves the audience with the built up tension. When Cap, Bucky, and Iron Man finally duke it out, the tension is at its highest point. After the victor of the fight is established, the audience is left wondering where or how the Avengers stand with one another. Unfortunately the movie doesn’t end there. The last scene of the movie completely throws away the tension that the movie had been building between the Avengers. Given, we all know that they would end up together again, but that would have been better left for the next Avengers-type movie to resolve.

Overall this movie does a good job handling the relationship between the Avengers as well as introducing Black Panther and Spider-Man into their cinematic universe.



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